Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fathers Day Card

Good Morning,
Hope you all have a Wonderful day today!! It looks like its going to be a beautiful day here in PA but then again All the rain that's been coming our way Who Knows!?
So I missed my Finally Saturday Post so Here it is For last Saturday!!
I made my First Fathers Day Card!!

Card Stock: Recollections Kraft, White and Cream
Stamp: Dollar tree Store Stamp "World Greatest Dad"
Accessories: Brads, Ribbons and Martha Stewart Embossing
Technique: Lattice Background (Can Be seen >Here< ) and Heat Embossing

Hope You enjoy The Video I made While making this card it was a ton Of fun
I feel The Card is too plain so I might make another Card just like this and add a thing or two

Well Off to Get The Baby Ready

From My Corner

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why I've been MIA

Hey All,
Hope You all are doing Great!!
Ive Been Missing In Action due to alot of things that have been going on in my Life.

 For one The Hubby got laid off,
The Kids have been sick. One gets sick then Gets better then the other gets sick.

I've been Exhausted, but have taken time in between to Stamp and make cards. In my next post I'll be posting pics of cards I have made...just the pics (no explanations as there is many)
After that I'll be Posting once a week and explain what I've made, Something like a Finally Saturday Post!!

Well Off to deal with the Kids, Its Sunday (family day)

Hope you all have a Blessed Day!!

From My Corner

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers

April Showers have arrived!!
Hope You all are doing Well. I'm sitting on my bed thinking about going back to sleep!!
The rain makes the day so gloomy, you don't wanna come out of bed... not for housework or anything for that matter!
In Puerto Rico we have this saying When its Rainy
"Today is a day for the 3 S' Soup, Sheets and S..."
Lets Just replace that word with Stamping!! lol
Well Yesterday I Looked at this Clear stamp I have and was trying to find a way to get the best image, SO i began Filing it with my Nail File (a Tip I saw off of Youtube)
I stamped the image in a White piece of card stock and Loved the way the image Came out!
(Nice and Crisp)
I felt so Bad just putting that Stamped image in my Scrap Box So I got to work On making it a Card and this is What I came Up with!

I took the white Piece of Card stock* and attempted to "Sponge"...I did this with a Cosmetic Wedge as I don't have any sponges on hand!!
I placed the Image on Pink "Designer" Paper*
Colored in the Flowers With my Stampin Write Markers
I thought that the Card was a bit Plain So I Freehandedly cut a Hill Pattern in the Front of the card and attached a 1" Piece of the Designer Paper on the Back to Even the Card out!
I added a Ribbon and a bow and three Cardboard dots That I found Laying around
I placed My Stamped Image to the Right Corner and I was done!
Then I saw I had Space for a "Sentiment" and Remembered I'd purchased a Studio G Clear Stamp set From Lalatty (She Has some stuff on sale on Ebay!) It was a Cute and Simple "Happy Spring"
So I stamped It in Old Olive and Cornered it as well...
You Cannot See it on here but I place a White Piece of Card Stock in the Inside flap to Make the Designer paper Stronger and Hide my Ribbon!
I Rounded my Corners and

I must Say This Card Took Me about 9 Hours to make. As I was Just winging It, I would walk away come back do one thing then run off to play with my Kids and think about new Ideas and Come back and do something else!!

Hope You Enjoyed my Card and Blaberring "Tutorial" lol
Well TaTa For Now...

From My Corner

Items Marked * Im unsure who are made by, and where I got it from!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011

Hope you all are doing Awesome!!
Better Than me I hope
I'm Car-less but thankfully I'm Ok and surrounded by my Family
Its Not easy finding a new car on a Budget

Well Yesterday I worked on a Monochromatic Card,
I was trying to see how that would work, and it was awesome.
 I had made a Purple One for the Catch a Bug Blog Challenge (Which ended)
and Decided to try another one just to see what I came Up with!!

I started by Stamping "I will always Cherish You" all over my orange-yellow Card stock
I layered a Orange and yellow Polka dot Pattern piece and Finished it off with a Bow, and Flower embellishment I found in my Scrapbook Box.
I Printed the Digi Stamp from Pink Cat Studio
(They Have such CUTE Digi Stamps)
I colored the image with my Stampin' Up Stampin Write Markers
And cut it out!
Glued it With Dimensional Drew the Antennas

I wanted to Stamp a darker Sentiment to the right of the Butterfly, Maybe a "Thinking Of You" or "Missing You" Sentiment, But I don't have any of those....YET, lol

Also My 5 Year Old Daughter is sick, So my Husband decided to make her a card on his own
and here's what he came up with:

She Loved it so Much!!
Well Off to Prepare the Kids Lunch!
From My Corner

Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011

Hey All,
Hope You are Having a Wonderful Evening
The Weather Here in PA is Crazy
They Announced more than 7 Inches of Snow and it never showed!!
(I guess that's actually a good thing!)

Well Hubby's working the kids are watching TV and I had time for a lil quick stamping!!

I made this Card with my New Punch Bunch From Stampin' Up Sale a Bration Sale which Sadly ended!!
(I found Stampin' Up a little bit too late, Oh Well there's always next year for this sale!)

I free Handed the the "Hills" on the Pattern Paper I purchased today at BigLots!
Its called DayDream Ensemble by GCD Studios
(Dont Know who they Are, all I know its adorable Paper and only $5 Bucks)

I stamped My Owl On White card stock and because I don't have the Punch to Match, I cut it Out.
I Stamped my Flowers and Colored them In and made an extra outline,
Stamped My "True Friend" on yellow card stock and placed it on a Flower Stem.

Put My Pieces Together and

Hope You Like My Card
(I think Now I'm starting to let go a lil bit and Not over think the card, *I didn't get a Mental Block* I just went with it!!)
Well Thats All For tonight!

From My Corner

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Challenge Entry

My First Card challenge!
I'm Excited/Nervous/Scared

I've been doing Cards for about 2 weeks and I know I still need practice
but I wanna show everyone what I can do!

So Here's My first Entry for Catch the Bug Challenge Blog
Monochromatic Challenge

I Chose to Do Purple
Mines Is far from elaborate!! ;p
 Hope you Like!!
And Good luck to All those Who entered!

Please Follow me to see My improvements and to give me Creative and Constructive Criticism...
That's the way to learn!!

Well Off to Bed Now I'm Sleepy

From My Corner

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

Hope Everyone is having an awesome day as I am
I'm Home with my children and my husband before he goes to work,
Hoping My Stampin' Up Items Come Today! I Wanna Play With ☺
Wanted to stop by to show a card I worked on 4 days ago
I made this Card by following a Sketch I saw in the StampFairy Blog 
I was going to Enter it for one of the Challenge, but I was too Late.
I made This Card With the lil bit of Stuff I have; Which is Paper, paper and More

The Happy Easter Was some Wording I printed off the Internet and Cut
The Bunny I Stamped onto White card stock which I layered over the Yellow and rounded the Corner
(which was the Only punch I owned at the
I Cut a Half Inch paper and Layered it as a "ribbon" and added this Dimensional Flower I found in my scrap booking stash...

Hope You Enjoyed It!
From My Corner

Monday, March 21, 2011

My First Card Alone

 So on Sunday I attempted to make My first Card!
I ran into a Creative Block
I thought it would be easy, but Having so many Options available made it a bit hard to make up my mind!
(Besides the fact That I'm Some what tool-less didn't

But I came up with this!

Personally I like it but find it a Bit plain!
But I did a good Job For my First card, Alone!!
Well not alone my 5 year old Helped a whole lot!

Must I say Card making is not as Easy as it Seems
There is so Much thought and time that goes into it!

In Stampin' Up Classes It seems easy but We are following an example, The example our Creative Coach comes up with, and must I say after Sunday I am So grateful for her!

Well Gotta Go Get some Earrings in the Oven Be Back Later to show you
how "Business" with Polymer Clay is going!
I'm Working on Some Burger earrings!

From My Corner

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Time

Hope you all Are Having a Happy Sunday!
Cant believe this weather, It was So nice on Friday, and today It's Freezing!
Today Is the First day Of Spring!

So I met Up with Patty (my Stampin' Up Demonstrator)
and Placed my first Order!!
Cant wait to get it!! So I Can Experiment and have a Blast Letting my imagination run wild!

Today I will be attempting to make a Spring Time Themes Card
I purchased some Items my demonstrator was Selling and I'm going to try my hand at doing my first card!
I'm so excited/Nervous....

Hope I can Make Patty Proud!!

Be Back Later To post my First Card
Wish Me luck,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Bit about Me

Im starting this Blog Because I have spare time on my Hands
I love Crafting, I find all types of Crafting to be very Interesting!!
But I am much into Polymer Clay, I love recreating fun and Cute things I see into Clay pieces as well as I have given my hand at Modeling!
Im attempting to sell some of my pieces, They are my work of art!
(Not only to make a profit...the Money Would help to Continue my habbit of Craft, lol)

I recently Attended a Stamp'n Up Class
With my Local Demonstrator,
Shes amazing, and she opened up a whole new world to me!!
Once I get on my feet for this month Ill be Splurging on some supplies
I love that paper mail is a fading thing, Wth Email, technology and all that
and yet they manage to find ways to share the art!! it really is an Art...

Well this is a lil bit about me!
Hope Who ever reads this follows on an Artistic level,
I wanna let you know I might post some none crafting related Items, Things aout my life in General
as Well as i would try to post Daily
As the mommy of two I wont promise it but i will try my best, I know I stated that I Have free time on my hands but there are days My kids are a Bit Out of this World!!!

Well Have a Good Night!