Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Bit about Me

Im starting this Blog Because I have spare time on my Hands
I love Crafting, I find all types of Crafting to be very Interesting!!
But I am much into Polymer Clay, I love recreating fun and Cute things I see into Clay pieces as well as I have given my hand at Modeling!
Im attempting to sell some of my pieces, They are my work of art!
(Not only to make a profit...the Money Would help to Continue my habbit of Craft, lol)

I recently Attended a Stamp'n Up Class
With my Local Demonstrator,
Shes amazing, and she opened up a whole new world to me!!
Once I get on my feet for this month Ill be Splurging on some supplies
I love that paper mail is a fading thing, Wth Email, technology and all that
and yet they manage to find ways to share the art!! it really is an Art...

Well this is a lil bit about me!
Hope Who ever reads this follows on an Artistic level,
I wanna let you know I might post some none crafting related Items, Things aout my life in General
as Well as i would try to post Daily
As the mommy of two I wont promise it but i will try my best, I know I stated that I Have free time on my hands but there are days My kids are a Bit Out of this World!!!

Well Have a Good Night!

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