Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentines Day Cards

Hope you are all having a wonderful day...
So I've been keeping true to my New Years resolution
Ive been crafting often, My goal is at least once a week
but if I work on more than one project a week then that's a bonus for me...

So here today I'm posting these 3 cards that I've worked on in light of the fact that Valentines day is around the corner.

Hope this post gives you Ideas for some Valentines Day cards for your lovers.

Have an Awesome day,

From My Corner,
- Jeni

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16 2012

Hey all, hope u had a great year last year...and wish you the best of this year...

I made a New Years resolution that this year I'm going to post periodically and craft very often..I now have an android phone so I downloaded the blogger app. Now I can post on the go no excuses. What's also great is that I have a built in camara so again no excuses...

So I was on youtube and found a video about homemade ribbon flowers...I tried it and was happy with the result.
I like that you can find the color ribbon that matches your project and make your own flowers rather than pre buying a flower that might or might not match. Here is a pic of the flowers I made... ill post the link to the vid as soon as I get it off of my youtube.

Hope you all like em'
Pretty flowers from my corner...
-Jeni -