Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers

April Showers have arrived!!
Hope You all are doing Well. I'm sitting on my bed thinking about going back to sleep!!
The rain makes the day so gloomy, you don't wanna come out of bed... not for housework or anything for that matter!
In Puerto Rico we have this saying When its Rainy
"Today is a day for the 3 S' Soup, Sheets and S..."
Lets Just replace that word with Stamping!! lol
Well Yesterday I Looked at this Clear stamp I have and was trying to find a way to get the best image, SO i began Filing it with my Nail File (a Tip I saw off of Youtube)
I stamped the image in a White piece of card stock and Loved the way the image Came out!
(Nice and Crisp)
I felt so Bad just putting that Stamped image in my Scrap Box So I got to work On making it a Card and this is What I came Up with!

I took the white Piece of Card stock* and attempted to "Sponge"...I did this with a Cosmetic Wedge as I don't have any sponges on hand!!
I placed the Image on Pink "Designer" Paper*
Colored in the Flowers With my Stampin Write Markers
I thought that the Card was a bit Plain So I Freehandedly cut a Hill Pattern in the Front of the card and attached a 1" Piece of the Designer Paper on the Back to Even the Card out!
I added a Ribbon and a bow and three Cardboard dots That I found Laying around
I placed My Stamped Image to the Right Corner and I was done!
Then I saw I had Space for a "Sentiment" and Remembered I'd purchased a Studio G Clear Stamp set From Lalatty (She Has some stuff on sale on Ebay!) It was a Cute and Simple "Happy Spring"
So I stamped It in Old Olive and Cornered it as well...
You Cannot See it on here but I place a White Piece of Card Stock in the Inside flap to Make the Designer paper Stronger and Hide my Ribbon!
I Rounded my Corners and

I must Say This Card Took Me about 9 Hours to make. As I was Just winging It, I would walk away come back do one thing then run off to play with my Kids and think about new Ideas and Come back and do something else!!

Hope You Enjoyed my Card and Blaberring "Tutorial" lol
Well TaTa For Now...

From My Corner

Items Marked * Im unsure who are made by, and where I got it from!

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